"Edward helped me get to grips with my new tablet and phone by explaining things in a simple way that I could understand and easily remember."

Miss Beer

Alum Chine

"We had a couple of informal sessions with Ed and he showed us how to do things on our TV and PC that we never knew we could. His relaxed approach made the whole thing as enjoyable as it was helpful."

Mr & Mrs Mann


"I wanted an easy way to transfer my photos from my camera and phone onto my Apple Mac PC and manage them easily in one place. Edward explained several solutions and showed me how to work with the one I preferred. This has been a wonderful benefit and enabled me to enjoy my photos so much more. "

Mr Foskett

Meyrick Park

Below are a few quotes from testimonals by my customers, past and present. If you would like to speak directly to some of my customers, please contact me and I will be happy to put you in touch with someone local who can provide a reference.

"With Edward's help I am now able to do online shopping, which I never would have had the confidence to do on my own.  This has helped me to maintain a level of independence that would have been virtually impossible otherwise."

Mrs Thomson

Brompton Court (assisted living), Bournemouth

"I've thrown all sorts of queries at Edward and every time he's been able to help. This was especially helpful during the process of publishing my first novel. I'm now making better use of my laptop, PC, phone and even the TV. It's exciting to discover all that these gadgets can do and I'm starting to feel I might actually be in control of them!"

Mrs Lumb


"If you've ever unpacked an electronic device, read and followed the instructions explicitly and then wondered why the stupid thing still isn’t working . . . then get in touch with Ed! Digital TV box installed, mobile phone subdued and laptop reduced to submission! 
In only two sessions Ed very patiently taught me a great deal about my laptop, phone and TV. Now I understand them and can do a much better job of using them, and consequently get far more enjoyment out of this modern technology."

Miss King

Longfleet, Poole